Today is my birthday, so thought to gift myself a special blog. About my feelings and how things have organically changed around me when I decided to change myself for good. I am a big fan of the word “change”. we all change can our circumstances with time as a result it changes our lives, … Read more

How to commit to a healthy living?

Your thoughts make a big difference, so try to maintain a mindset that inspires healthier eating. If you’re trying to change your eating habits but slip up and mindlessly eat, get back up and keep trying. Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. The most important thing is to keep going in the right direction. I … Read more

How to start mindful eating

How to start mindful eating Day 2 Like I promised we have started our 30-day journey together. Let’s understand a few ground rules. Changes take time. Things do not change overnight. It takes dedication, hard work and practice for a change to take place. Don’t worry, we are in this together. Do keep me posted, … Read more

Is it important to lose weight to be healthy!!!

Is it important to lose weight to be healthy!!! Today, is the day one of the next 30-day journey. Next 30 days will help you to train your mind for any new change you want to bring in your life. Do keep me posted as to how you feel and what struggles you face. I … Read more

Feeling of REJECTION

We all go through rejections, in our daily life. Yes, you read it right everyone gets rejected one or the other way. Routine rejections could be when a stray animal rejects the food we try to feed them, when our friend do not like the idea of a hangout place, when our body rejects a … Read more

I got 99 problems, but REGRET ain’t one.

I got 99 problems, but REGRET ain’t one. I have been living away from my family for close to 14 years now first for education and then for work. So, When I lost my father, my brother told me I’m sure you feel regretful since you weren’t there for more then a decade and I’m … Read more