Rape and Molestation

There are few things you cannot change overnight, no matter how much you want you want to.

But we need to start somewhere, RIGHT?

Don’t skip this

Rape culture can only continue when we buy into ideas of masculinity that see violence and dominance as “strong” and “male”, and when women and girls are less valued. 

In English

When discussing cases of sexual violence, a victim’s sobriety, clothes, and sexuality are irrelevant. Instead, counter the idea that men and boys must obtain power through violence and question the notion of sex as an entitlement.

Take a critical look at what masculinity means to you and how you embody it. Self-reflection, community conversations, and artistic expression are just some of the tools available for men and boys (as well as women and girls) to examine and redefine masculinity with feminist principles.

3 thoughts on “Rape and Molestation”

  1. Really well said, but still in doubt are they any worth what you convey through it?
    You know who understand Rape is crime, never do that. And excusers also find reason, especially in India. Here caste matters only in marriage, and mostly those girls are modesting and being raped on daily basis.
    I was keep turn around pages of newspaper in morning, and there’s no day when you won’t find anything like that, really disgusting..
    Still let’s hope, Do something better today to make future safe!!


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