Reason behind your acne and ways to prevent it

According to eastern medicine your pimple or acne may be calling you for help. There are several health issues it may indicate. Lets take a look and understand the hidden meaning behind your pimple. Forehead Acne on your forehead or above your eye is an indication of your liver health and oily glands. It means

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Acne On Your Forehead Or Above Your Eye Is An Indication Of Your Liver Health And Oily Glands. It Means That Your Body Is Struggling To Get Rid Of The Extra Toxins And Oily Glands. You May Be Eating A Lot Of Fat, Dairy, Soft Drinks, Or Maybe Red Meat. Also, If You Are Using A Heavy Conditioner, You May Also Induce Acne In That Area. Avoid Chocolates, Oily Or Fried Food, Sugary Food, And Drinks.


Acne On Your Cheeks May Be Caused By A Variety Of Factors. It Could Come If You Touch Your Face Regularly Or Forget To Wash Your Pillowcases And Can Also Be Caused By A Dirty Cell Phone. Also, Can Be Caused By Lung Or Respiratory Issues And If You Smoke Regularly. That Is Why It Is Important To Wash Your Bed Sheets And Pillowcases Regularly. Do Not Forget To Clean Your Cell Phone As Well, Do Not Make The Same Mistake I Did Ann I Got Acne On My Cheek.


Acne On Nose Indicates That Your Heart May Lack Vitamin B And Protein, Or You May Have An Inactive Lifestyle Or Are Constantly Stressed Or Worried. The Best Way To Avoid Who Knows Acne Is To Go Ahead And Eat More Green Vegetables Fruits And Workout Regularly.

Chin And Jaw Line

Acne On Your Chin And Jawline Indicates That You May Have A Hormonal Imbalance Or Problems With Your Small Instances. You Might Be Nervous Or Sleep Extraordinarily Little Or You Might Drink Too Much Coffee Or Alcohol Acne On Your Jawline And Chin Also Indicates PCOD.

ways to prevent it

Tips to prevent acne

  • In This Work From Home Environment Since We Use Laptops So Much, Make Sure Your Laptops Are Cleaned.
  • Avoid Putting Your Hands On Your Face. After Phones, The Dirtiest Thing Is Our Hands.
  • Clean your phone often.
  • Pimples On Chin Are Usually Also Caused By Your Hormones. If You Are A Woman This Will Specially help you to know your period time.
  • Wash Your Face Regularly Specially For People Who Have Oily Or Combination Skin.
  • Pimple On Your T Zone Can Be A Result Of Sleep Deprivation, Coffee Too Much Of Stress Or Alcohol.
  • Acne Or Pimple May Also Be Caused By Old Makeup Products Make Sure You Recycle Your Makeup Products According To Their Expiry Date.
  • Check expiration date on your make up products before using them.
  • Do Wash Your Makeup Sponges, Blenders, And Brushes Regularly. They May Also Cause You Acne Or Pimple.
  • Do Not Use An Old Or Dirty Towel That May Also give a way to Acne.
  • Use An Acne Fighting Cleanser Or Face Wash.
  • If You Have Acne Prone Skin, You May Also Use Tea Tree Oil Regularly On Your Skin.
  • Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly.
Reason behind your acne and ways to prevent it


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