Rules for Sure Shot Success

Show up and do your job.
Don’t speak for drain your energy on people’s opinion.
Don’t criticize others.

Put the team first.
Pay attention to the details.
Avoid the drama.
Focus on getting better than yesterday.


If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort.” You cannot wait for the time to turn around, or everyone around you to change their mindset, you need to make some substantial changes for you to see the change.

You cannot expect any change when you are the same. No one will ever come to do the hardwork for you.. you need to move your ass and get the work done. Try and adapt below characteristics to achieve your goals and dreams.

  • Successful people have a dream: They have a well defined purpose. They have a definite goal. They know what they want. They are not easily influenced by the thoughts and opinions of others. They have will-power. They have ideas. Their strong desire brings strong results. They go out and do things that others say can’t be done.
  • Successful people have ambition: They want accomplish something. They have enthusiasm, commitment, and pride. They have self-discipline. They are to willing to work hard and to go the extra mile. They have a burning desire to succeed. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Successful people are strongly motivated through results: They take great satisfaction in accomplishing them.
  • Successful people are focused: They concentrate on their main goal and objectives. They don’t procrastinate. They work on the project that are important, and don’t allow those project to sit until the last minute. They are productive, not just busy.
  • Successful people take responsibility for their actions: They don’t make excuse. They don’t blame others. They don’t complain.

Plain and simple rules for success :

1. Make a goal
2. Write down the steps to achieve that goal
3. Start putting your 100% efforts towards your goal accomplishment.
4. Check your progress
5. Learn from Failure
6. Do not quit


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