SELF LOVE – Why is it so difficult!

According to statistics, Self-love is most talked about still least practiced theory.

WHY in this age and era do we have to remind people to love themselves?

WHAT makes us view ourselves with a microscopic vision?

Why someone else has to remind us how wonderful we are?

Think about it!!!

Let me tell you today YOU ARE AMAZING.

Media has set few benchmarks for us, from our clothing choices to skin products to food everything is controlled by media. They will never show that using basic herbs at home will give our food the same taste as the product sold by them.

I know it is difficult to overlook the beauty parameters set by the media, but always keep in mind they run an entire industry just because we feel we are not good the way we are.

Practice self-love every day, do not be so harsh on yourself. It is a proven fact, NO ONE IS PERFECT. So, celebrate every moment of this life, be happy, grateful and LOVE YOURSELF. We will not live forever, but you will be with yourself till your last breath. You owe yourself this love, this self-appreciation, and your smile.

Let me give out my secret of self-love to you

  1. SMILE: When you see the in the mirror, look at yourself the way you want your loved ones to look at you. Smile every time to see the mirror, trust me smile has some enigmatic magic. When we smile our eyes sparkle, in that moment I believe I feel everything is okay.
  2. SWEAT: When we workout our body releases happy hormones and it uplifts our mood.  It gives us that “ME” time, a break from all the daily hassle of life. Workout sweat is great for our skin and there is no harm in staying fit. I know in this pandemic its difficult to go to gym, but you can do some home workout or go out for a run or jog or brisk walk.
  3. SMELL: When you smell good, it uplifts your mood. It is a proven fact. I am sure we all know how this can be achieved. I usually use some scented oil on heat zone.
  4. SWEET: Sugar rush is a real. Its okay to cheat and enjoy your favourite sweet, chocolate or ice-cream. If you are not into sweets eat what you like, your comfort food (do not overdo it).

So, today after you read this, go look at yourself in the mirror and smile.

Quick Tips:

  • Taking a break is okay, it does not make you bad.
  • Struggling with life and relationships is okay as well, it does not mean you are failing.
  • Do not underestimate the power of simplicity.
  • Being consistent is also growth.
  • It is crucial to be patience with yourself if you are in a new environment. It takes time to adjust and adapt.
  • Not doing anything is also okay.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard M. Maruch


11 thoughts on “SELF LOVE – Why is it so difficult!”

  1. A really good article Apurva..
    We forget that what is self love and that’s why we seek it from others, right?
    Aren’t we enough to love our self? Why we others when we are there for our own self?
    There starts the propaganda. We just want that someone love us too and try to win that but in that situation we lose ourself by doing so, and how’s that fair though?

    Always pleased to read your article, you’ve too much to share, 😁😁
    Keep smiling Keep sharing..😊

    • Thank you so much for liking it.
      You are right, we love everything around us but forget to show ourselves same Love. Our routine make us forget that if we are not happy from within no one’s love can ever be enough.
      We all have learnt from life, I am no different. We are just blessed to share our experiences ❣️ with the world.
      Keep spreading your encouragement and support 🙏👍😊


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