Negativity is a thinly disguised cry for help—to feel respected, loved, and in control. Dealing with negative people requires compassion, taking responsibility for one’s own happiness, and maturity.

Constant worrying, complaining about anything and everything, lack of confidence, gloom and anxiety can be soul-destroying. These are the traits common among negative people.

How to deal with negetive people at work

In life, as they say, there no good or, bad people it’s their time that makes a person who they are. Sometimes it’s difficult to avoid negetive people. Below are a few strategies you could use while dealing with negetive people:

  1. If you are around people with negetive thoughts you don’t have to cheer negetive up, solve your problems or have a solution. Most people try to cheer negative people up. It just won’t work and in most cases it is not your business, so better to move to the 2nd strategy
  2. Provide support: It is often helpful if you just provide a non-judgmental listening and a compassionate ear.
  3. Just smile and remain detached : Some negative people are just looking for your negative reaction. Don’t give in. Learn to distance yourself from them. You can even leave the place.
  4. Do not engage in negativity: Nothing is easier than to react to a negative comment with negativity. Don’t argue; just say comments like: ok, I see; follow up with your positive thoughts, but don’t contradict the person.
  5. Steer the conversation: If you see the possibility to change the topic, then gently try to move in that direction.
  6. Focus on the positive Say: Now tell me something positive. Of course this is not the first step, but you can get to a stage in the conversation when you can tell them this.
  7. Reinforce the positive: Always appreciate when they do something good, give your compliment, reminding them of fun times is also a good strategy.
  8. Set boundaries: You need to set your own boundaries. You should be there when you’re needed but at the same time you have to set limits to the time spent with negative people especially if you are not strong emotionally at the moment.


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