Tips To Reduce Back Pain

Lower back pains are rising due the high usage of phones and laptop. Though everyone is different but the most common causes of lower back pain include: Muscle or Spinal Ligament Strain, fast movement, repetitive lifting, prolonged sitting job, sitting in a incorrect posture for a long time, an awkward bend, or an attempt to … Read more

Postpartum – Ways to support New mom’s

If you have a new mom in your life, she is already dealing with a lot, let’s not add up to her stress. We often forget how tedious task it is to raise a child. Especially, if someone is a new mom. She is sleep deprived, dealing with all these new changes, adjusting with the … Read more

Benefits of Camel Pose

Reduces fat on thighs Opens up the hips, stretching deep hip flexors Stretches and strengthens the shoulders and back Expands the abdominal region, improving digestion and elimination Improves posture Opens the chest, improving respiration Loosens up the vertebrae Relieves lower back pain Helps to heal and balance the chakras Strengthens thighs and arms Improves flexibility, … Read more

Back Pain During Pregnancy: 4 Tips For Relief

Since your baby is growing inside you, its getting tough on your back. Most pregnant women experience back pain, usually in the second half of pregnancy. There are many possible reasons why back pain happens. Here are some of the more likely causes: Posture change Muscle separation Hormone changes Weight gain Emotional Stress Your back … Read more