How to Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Your Body?

Are you in love with your body??? Don’t let media fool you about a certain type of body is beautiful.

I did not just lose weight…

I did not just lose weight, I lost the urge to be accepted by the community : I remember judging my appearance with the “MEDIA SET BEAUTY STANDARD”. I remember how I used to hate myself with the way I looked. No matter how hard I worked, I never looked the way people looked in … Read more

5 Powerful ways to Eliminate Your Self Doubt

“Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.”  — K.T. Witten “Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.” —Theodore Roosevelt Here are 5 powerful ways to eliminate self- doubt: 1. Start by knowing who you are.Self-awareness is a critical step in overcoming … Read more

Best Foods for Workout Recovery

A lot time, energy and efforts goes in staying fit and working out regularly, but what about afterward? How do you start restoring the nutrients you’ve just used? Workouts deplete the glycogen stored in your body. Your muscles used much of what you had as fuel and now they need more to begin repairing the … Read more

Weight loss ‘before and after’ photos don’t give us a full picture of our health | Body image | The Guardian

I found this amazing and informative article today. Wanted to share with you all Your health is your real treasure, condition it wisely. Apurva

Fat Loss is different for men and women

Women and Men are different genetically. Hence, the way their bodies responds to fat loss is also different Lets Know The Reason Why : Kisspeptin Men and women seem to respond differently in significant calorie restriction. This may be due to kisspeptin, a protein-like molecule that’s essential in the reproductive process. Kisspeptin stimulates GnRH production … Read more

Goals for 2021

Set goals for yourself, every day is a beginning of something GREAT. For the world to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself. Our mind is a great tool, Lets engineer it work in our FAVOUR not against us..


Last year I meet this lovely lady in my office, she wanted to lose weight. She came to me for consultation. However, during the conversation she had some strange terms and conditions applied with WEIGHT LOSS. Her terms and conditions were as follows: She said she doesn’t have the required time that it takes and … Read more

It’s not a Weight loss It’s a gain of a NEW MINDSET


I was cleaning by inbox ( E-mail) today and I found a few emails that I wrote to myself few years back. I developed this habit 7-8 years back to write myself emails. So, whenever I really like something or I feel sensitive or I want to talk to someone with out being judged, I … Read more