How many clothes are too many : 10 Rules You Need to Know

TAKE THE CLOSET CHALLENGE! #1. Have I worn this garment in the past year (exclude the Covid year)If the answer is NO, donate. There is no reason to keep clothes that haven’t been worn in a year or more. By **DONATE**, I mean give it to your friend, sibling, a family member who is of … Read more

A Style Guide for Inverted Triangle Body Shapes

I am an inverted triangle and I know the struggle with this body shape. Shoulders ate the boardest part of inverted Triangle Body Shape. Hence, creating a balance between upper and lower body does wonders. Below are few pointers that has worked for me over the years. What is an inverted triangle body shape? Women … Read more

How to Dress to Look Thinner: 12 Slimming Fashion Tips That Work

In order to live our best lives, we need to find a happy balance. Not all of us were meant to be a size 00, and the sooner we accept this and learn to love the bodies we’re in, the happier we’ll be.