Karma is a B*tch – “What goes around comes around.”

What is Karma ? Karma means “action”. It comes from the Sanskrit root “ kree” meaning “to do”. Karma is a word meaning the result of a person’s actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect. According to Buddhism, Hinduism and other philosophies, what happens … Read more

13 Unfortunate Truths Of Life

We all want to know the truth however we aren’t really ready to hear the truth, that’s why there is a famous saying ” Truth is always bitter”. At times we live in our own bubble and take this world as it was in our school text books. Unfortunately, our life is far from the fairy tale that we read and saw in movies. I learnt these truths from my experience in life, let me share them with you today.


What is confidence? Confidence is believing YOU are worthwhile, capable of doing anything you want, valuable and SPECIAL. Before anyone else tells you can do it, you should know you can do it. Are you confident about everything you do? No, its not possible to be confident in everything we do. Afterall we are all … Read more

Feeling of REJECTION

We all go through rejections, in our daily life. Yes, you read it right everyone gets rejected one or the other way. Routine rejections could be when a stray animal rejects the food we try to feed them, when our friend do not like the idea of a hangout place, when our body rejects a … Read more