TO-DO LIST Can Make Our life Easier

Is it a Chaos to organise a big event or party? Do you keep forgetting important tasks? YES.. Then this one is for you.. Read more click ⬇️ TO-DO LIST Can Make Our life Easier

Today’s Health Tip

Fitness is equal to Happiness and Exercise makes us happy. Cardiovascular activity increases endorphins in our body, which improves our mood. Running or other intense workouts sometimes also boost adrenaline, which can make us feel as though we have more energy after the workout than when you started. Quick Tip Stretch is must before workouts. … Read more


Let me start by say this “It’s good to plan for future, we all do. But the cost of your Great future should not be your PRESENT”.

We all have a few habits that we need to breakup from, because unknowingly they create a negetive mindset. They build a negetive pressure on your subconscious mind. Let’s take a look at those 7 types of negativity to kill.


The Idea of being perfect in itself is not perfect. Do the best YOU can, not what others want you to


Be easy on yourself. It’s okay if you not where you want to be. When you are judgemental, you are only focusing on the negative qualities in yourself and others.


Self-doubt is a weed that will take over your life if you don’t kill it at the root. Believe in yourself.


If you never think things will be better, they won’t be. This removes hope. Visualization has a lot of power so instead of visualising negetive outcome focus on positive results.


Worrying changes nothing except your health and mental state. Worrying complicates the situation. It’s engages mind towards negatively.


When you focus on the negative things, you are really setting yourself up for never being content or happy. Be happy with the present and keep working towards its betterment.


You can’t control everything and when you try and you inevitably fail. In the guilt of failure, you will only blame yourself.

When you change your outlook towards your life and when you focus on positive aspects of life, you gain power your life.


5 Steps TO live a Quality Life.

I value QUALITY over QUANTITY. We build so much of expectations from ourselves, that we forget to LIVE OUR LIFE. We forget to value this Beautiful Life. We are so busy hustling towards our goals (future) that we forget enjoying this beautiful life. We make plans for our future but forgot to live our present. … Read more

New Life : New Beginning.

Change has a lot of power it is a powerful tool that we can use for us or against us, let’s use it wisely.

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