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All About Maintaining Food Journal

It is health that is the real wealth, so let’s invest time to take care of your body.

Fat Loss is different for men and women

Women and Men are different genetically. Hence, the way their bodies responds to fat loss is also different Lets Know The Reason Why : Kisspeptin Men and women seem to respond differently in significant calorie restriction. This may be due to kisspeptin, a protein-like molecule that’s essential in the reproductive process. Kisspeptin stimulates GnRH production … Read more

TO-DO LIST Can Make Our life Easier

Is it a Chaos to organise a big event or party? Do you keep forgetting important tasks? YES.. Then this one is for you.. Read more click ⬇️ TO-DO LIST Can Make Our life Easier

Today’s Health Tip

Fitness is equal to Happiness and Exercise makes us happy. Cardiovascular activity increases endorphins in our body, which improves our mood. Running or other intense workouts sometimes also boost adrenaline, which can make us feel as though we have more energy after the workout than when you started. Quick Tip Stretch is must before workouts. … Read more

After Losing Weight, Who Will I See in the Mirror?

Anyone who’s been following my weight loss transformation thus far, knows that I’ve already made some serious progress toward my goal. Now that I’m getting closer to the finish line, there’s something that’s been nagging at me. I’ve spent my whole life obsessing over my weight. Can getting to my goal really change how I’ve … Read more


Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account

Walk For A Better Health – Tips to burn more

Being physically active is probably the single most important thing that we can do for maintaining or improving our physical and mental health during Covid-19. Physical activity which includes an active lifestyle and routine exercise, like walking, plus eating sensibly is the best way to stay healthy and support your immune system.

It’s not a Weight loss It’s a gain of a NEW MINDSET

QUIT SUGAR – 9 Amazing Reasons Why !!!

9 AMAZING REASONS to QUIT SUGAR I reduced my sugar consumption, a few years back and noticed huge change in my health and skin. Sugar has the potential to be addictive and could cause neurochemical changes in the brain. Let’s understand why cutting down on SUGAR is helpful. BETTER SKIN Consuming too much sugar can … Read more