PAPAYA – A Fruit You Must Include In Your Diet

I make sure to include papaya in my daily Diet. I ate papaya for my weight loss as well. It is a low carb fruit and also aids digestion. Fruits and vegetables is an important part of a diet when you want to lose Weight. It is a much better choice over fried snacks. Papaya … Read more


Last year I meet this lovely lady in my office, she wanted to lose weight. She came to me for consultation. However, during the conversation she had some strange terms and conditions applied with WEIGHT LOSS. Her terms and conditions were as follows: She said she doesn’t have the required time that it takes and … Read more

Go Bananas – Health BENIFITS of Banana’s

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT BANANAS Bananas are harvested green because they keep ripening even after they are picked. NUTRITIONAL FACTS POTASSIUM Potassium helps in the building of muscles and protein synthesis, by stimulating nerve impulses for muscle contraction. Also potassium-rich food is said to reduce the risk of hypertension, stroke and high blood pressure. VITAMIN B6 … Read more

Ayurveda and The Raw Food Diet

Adapting Ayurveda To Our life

Fad Diets: A mouse trap

Quick weight LOSS sounds lucrative, but is it REAL !!!

Top 3 ways to BURN more calories by Walking

Try walking differently

7 Things everyone should know about weight loss

Weight loss – I always used to think that everybody knows how to lose weight there is nothing new that I did until I saw someone making the same mistakes, once I made .

A weight-loss program for life

Determine how healthy are you! Top ten entries will get a free diet plan for 1 month. Take the survey below Health evaluation Survey : Which one would you choose when you eatout ? Burger and Chocolate shake looks yummy. When ever we go out the first thing that comes to our mind is … Read more

Leave your gadgets and enjoy your food

Trust me, all those people who has bloating and digestion issues should try this

How to increase nutrients in our EVERYDAY LIFE

Vitamins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and Water are the six major nutrients. Our body needs them to function to its optimum level. In the last blog we understood how to start the day now let’s try and do the same throughout the day. Eating simple and home cooked means that you are giving your body … Read more