Things Nobody Told You About “How Universe speaks to us”?

Universe has a language to communicate with you, you just need to understand how it’s communicating with you. The universe speaks to us all the time we don’t always recognise and realise how big is universe. It speaks through experience and speaks to other people.

Let me share my recent experience that cemented my belief in the way universe speaks to us.

When we go through a personal loss or breakup or financial loss or any ups and downs in our relationships, we seldom think about the things that went wrong or the things that we did wrong and all the “what-if” scenarios in our head.

One day while having coffee with a friend I was thinking about the series of incidents that happened when my father passed away. In my mind, I was making a list of all the things that went wrong and what if they went in the other direction. I guess in a way, I was trying to narrow down to find a fault that I could have corrected and as a result that could have saved my dad.

I’m sure majority of you would be able to relate to all those “what if’s” scenarios in we build in our minds, Right!!!

Suddenly, my friend with whom by the way I did not share what I was thinking told me you know whatever happens in life it happens because it’s meant to happen no matter what you do, if there is time and destiny of that particular incident to happen it will happen.

He pointed out to me that how I always wanted to write and make people aware about mental and physical well-being. This all happened only after my dad’s demise

Let me share a basic and day to day example : 

  • If you have no internet service but want to send an email, perhaps it’s the universe’s way of telling you it’s not the right time to be working and that you should be enjoying the present moment.
  • When a text message doesn’t want to send, maybe it’s a sign that you shouldn’t send the message or that you should rethink/reword what you wrote. 
  • If your TV isn’t working, maybe it’s a sign you watch too much TV.
  • When you feel like “this is right” or “something is off” or “every part of me wants to do this,” that’s a clear sign from the universe.
  • If you’ve been in a really dark place lately and you see a post on Instagram saying “the darkest hour is just before dawn,” I would definitely take that as a sign to trust that everything’s going to be better soon.

Here’s how to understand Universe’s Language

  • Be willing to receive : If you are apprehensive about hearing to someone, you will never truly “listen” them. The same goes with the Universe. You need to be open to receive.
  • Pay attention to experiences : Universe will never directly speak to you, however it reaches out to you through other people or experiences. You won’t hear the actual voice instead, you’ll see patterns and witness transformative thoughts.
  • Meditation : Meditation elevates our thoughts process and makes us more self aware. Meditation and mindful living are often ways of communication with the universe as you are calmer and you pay more attention to your thoughts. The Universe communicates on a different frequency – one which is alien to human beings in our natural state.

There are times in life when it seems like everything is falling apart and just when you thought life couldn’t get worse, it does. Your car breaks down, your roof starts leaking, you lose your job, your kid gets in a fight, your partner breaks up with you, or someone you love dies.

Often at times when everything in our life falls apart, it’s an invitation to learn to let go and to learn to detach from the world of form. It’s an opportunity to awaken.

It’s also a great opportunity to rethink and re-evaluate how we have been living our lives, see what needs to change, and start fresh in a way that aligns with who we truly are.

The universe is talking to us. It is trying to get our attention. It is trying to guide us, connect with us, and wake us up.


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