Three C’s of Life – Choices, Chances and Changes.

I was talking to my mom today and we realise how far we have come. I remember my childhood was not that easy, money was always an issue for our family and my parents really struggled for the daily necessities.

Yet, they managed to give us good education and a memorable childhood. I guess, when life doesn’t come easy to you, it either makes you a Fighter or a Pacifist. Life is different to different people.

Thanks to my life experiences I learnt that what an amazing gift is “Life”. I totally believe in the quote “It doesn’t get easier, You become stronger”.

Let me share my secret to a better life. The 3 “C” Method Of Life and how it changed my life :

Choices : Be mindful of your choices

Each and every action has equal and opposite reaction. We studied this in science and surprisingly it implies to our whole life. Your quality of choices today will depict your quality of life. It’s simple, if you understand how to use this method. For example: If you eat junk everyday, your health will showcase the result of that junk on your body. You made a choice to eat junk and you must be ready for the result of it as well. Similarly in life, you either should not make shitty choices and if you did a mistake be ready to bear it’s consequences. Plain and simple, right!!! The entire idea is to make the right choice or atleast make a informed decision most of the time.

5 Decisions / Choices you should never take in RUSH :

  • Fall in love or Choosing your life partner
  • Your career
  • Trusting someone
  • Judging someone’s character
  • The Food you put in your mouth

Chances : Take chances in life.

Taking chances is important because you put yourself on the line! You can create a whole new set of opportunities for your future if you take those chances they you think of all the time but cannot gather the courage to take them. No matter what the outcome is, either way, we grow through the process and become more resilient and confident. Start putting yourself out of your comfort zone, trust me that’s where the magic happens. For example: If you have been meaning to ask your crush out on a date, go do it. Take that chance before someone else does. Or, if you have been thinking to quit your job to work on your own, take that chance. Start your freelance as a side hustle.

Change Your Mindset : Change to change your life

According to a scientific research, we CAN rewire our brain. In simple terms, that means that we can change the way how our brain functions and think. By doing that we can change our entire life. How our brain works determines how happy we are. How effective we feel, and how well we interact with others. Our brain patterns, help us with questionsour marriage, parenting skills, work, and religious beliefs, along with our experiences of pleasure and pain.

You may believe your problem is purely psychological. However, researchers shows that the problems are related to the physiology of the brain and the good news is that we have proof that you can change that physiology. Just by changing your perspective towards problems and life will help you fix what’s wrong for many problems.

Remember you are capable of so much more than you ever believed.

Your goals, A New Life and Dreams are waiting for you.

So, if you are not happy with your life or with any aspect of your life.

Make a CHOICE to take more CHANCES and CHANGE your life.

Don’t wait for a better time, start today.


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