Today’s Health Tip

You must include salads and fruits in your daily diet.

Reasons for including salads / fruits

  • Raw Salad and fruits is rich in dietary fibre which is important for your digestion.
  • Salads (without dressing) promotes Weight Loss since it’s low in calories and high in quantity.
  • It improves your Digestion.
  • Us great for Skin And Hair.
  • Helps in Bowl Movement
  • Fibre is essential for a Healthy diet.
  • Fiber makes your Intestines Move Faster.
  • Helps in Lower Sugar Level.
  • Relieves Constipation.
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Quick Tip:

Don’t store sweets or fried food (chip/ nachos) at home. Even if it’s gift by your loved ones, after enjoying 1 or 2 pieces of sweets give these away to friends, family or your house help.

Every one of you has a health that is unique and totally different from everybody else. Completely! Because we are all like snowflakes. Hence, don’t compare your health with others.

– Lewis Black


8 thoughts on “Today’s Health Tip”

    • So true, and I feel it’s okay to eat with in a limit. Afterall we all are Humans, we have craving and its okay to indulge Once in a while. All we need to do is strike a balance for the rest of the day or week

  1. Once again very good tips! Salads are the best. I know MSG is not good for us, and just recently learned tomatoes naturally have MSG in them so I now limit them. Bummer because they are my favorite. Be Blessed.


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