Top 10 Alternative Learning Schools in India

Since the early 20th century in India, the educational theorists have been implementing various forms of education. The most prominent examples are basic education of Mahatma Gandhi, Viswa Bharati of Rabindranath Tagore, and Sri Aurobindo International Center of Education of Sri Aurobindo.

This article will present you the top 6 alternative schools present in India:

1. Rishi Valley School

Location- Andhra Pradesh

The teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti let the students develop a liking for art and music, environment, athletics along with traditional academic subjects. It is the school’s foundational basis. The school is founded in the philosopher’s birthplace that is Madanapalle town which is in Andhra Pradesh.

The students are exposed to a holistic approach towards education inspired by the spirit of pedagogical vision of Krishnamurti. The students get to do various extracurricular activities and community services. They can join in club meetings, assemblies and discussions. The school got its name from Rishikonda Hill where rishis or sages used to do meditation according to folklore.

2. Isha Home School

Location: Coimbatore

Sadhguru founded this school in 2005. It is located in the middle of extraordinary surroundings of Velliangiri mountains in the proximity of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. As per Sadhguru’s philosophy, education must not only aim at making the children’s mind able to have the perception of life in complete depth and dimension, but also it should make the children capable of expanding the horizons of human experience and finally becoming inclusive.

The environment is a fine mix of home and school. The curriculum is dynamic. There is no pressure of examination. Highly talented and devoted faculty is the true asset of the school. They make sure of a symbiotic or collaborative process of learning.

3. Mirambika, Free Progress School

Location: New Delhi

Mirambika follows Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s philosophy. It is situated at New Delhi’s Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The philosophy represents each individual arrives to life embracing an evolutionary purpose along with corresponding potentialities. Here, educating signifies bringing out the potential. The school culture teaches how to respect others, freedom asking for inner discipline, and harmony in diversity.

The school has a special facility to train educators throughout India. It boats a research wing that delivers required inputs for the school’s development, training center for teachers, and resource center.


Location: Ladakh

SECMOL stands for Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh. Many young Ladakhis founded it after returning from university. They understood the problems encountered by the local students in respect to modern education. The students had cultural confusion and there was no specific focus.

SECMOL was founded in the Indus Valley, near Phey village in the year 1988. It was supposed to redress the government school system. The motive was to support the village students in education. Again, it aims at making the youth aware of the problems arising from insensitive and wrong schooling. It focuses on producing specific videos and programs related to addressing the difficulties. Also, encouragement is given to designing as well as building eco-friendly buildings that are solar heated.

Certain reformations have been executed successfully which include locally significant textbooks, curbing language confusion, boosting teachers’ accountability. The culture of SECMOL embraces happy, meaningful, and child-centered learning. The role of teachers are given importance. Proper understanding about Ladakh’s education problems is looked upon along with the solution provided by the teachers.  

5. Shibumi School

Location: Bengaluru

This school prioritizes philosophy of J.Krishnamurti. The learning environment embraces freedom and cooperation. The students are inspired to know self through observation and dialogue. It is situated in the Somanahalli village which is present in the vicinity of South Bangalore. Presently, there is no residential facility offered by this school. But, it will soon get its own campus.

6. Sahyadri School

Location: Pune

The school is situated on Tiwai Hill. It is a plateau which is 770m above sea level. It overlooks Pune’s Chas-Kaman Dam. The school doesn’t encourage competition that the current society accepts. But, it managed to create a favourable atmosphere where each student can perform their best.

The class size is small. There exists close contact between students and teachers. The kids learn kindness, courtesy, mutual respect, etc. Again, they are made capable of taking initiatives needed for active learning.

These are the top 6 alternative schools that are pride of India. Every year, these schools release highly talented and extremely well-trained students who can cope with every tough situation with rational thinking and positivity

7. Rajghat Besant School

Location: Varanasi

Best Alternative School In India

On the outskirts of the holy city of Banaras is located the Rajghat Besant school one of the many schools run by J Krishnamurthy. In the school, the students along with the teachers explore the world of knowledge and that of their own behavior as well.

  • Focus on knowledge with spiritual growth
  • Overall sanctity of the relationship between teacher and student


Address: Rajghat Fort, Near Malviya Bridge, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001

Phone: 0542 244 0336

8. Hunar Ghar Rajasthan

Location: Rajasthan

Best Alternative School In Rajasthan

Slightly different from the rest the Hunar Ghar wants to tell that even in rural areas good quality education can be provided. The teachers of the school come from nearby villages and they cater to attending the individual needs of each child staying there.

  • Mixed-age group studies
  • Community-based projects and programs


Address: Buja, Rajasthan 307025

Phone: 099822 63129

9. The School KFI

Location: Chennai

Best Alternative School In Chennai

Set up under the guidance of J Krishnamurthy school stays in a prominent position in the list of alternative schools in India . Located in Adyar Chennai the school is planning to relocate to Thazambur soon. With the provision of no exams till 10th, the school is one of the most successful alternative high school programs.

  • No burden of exams before 10th
  • Experimental and practical based training


Address: Damodar Gardens, Besant Avenue, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020. But now moving to Navalur, OMR.

Phone: 044 2491 5845

10. Pallikoodam, Kottayam – Best Alternative School In Kerala

Location: kerala

Best Schools In Kerala

Found by Arundhati Roy’s mother the school focuses on giving a holistic learning experience to the students. With an approximate charge of 1.4 lakhs, the school works to make its students independent and capable to handle any situation and is hence considered to be one of the best alternative schools in that area.

  • Informal instruction for junior kids
  • Indian culture and habits inculcated


Address: Near Chidambarampady Junction, Kalathilpady, Rubber Board Rd, Kottayam, Kerala 686010

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