Transform Your Life : Upgrade Yourself To A 2.0 Version

Life changes and we change along with course those life events. Sometimes the bitter sweet experiences of life makes us bitter about a lot of people or events.

All we need is a little bit of self awareness to recognise those changes. Sometimes it changes are good and sometimes there are bad. However, keeping grudges or vengeance will only make your life difficult. I highly recommend to keep a close tab on yourself, notice the changes that is happening within you.

I like to call these changes as transformation. We have thousands of examples over the years how people have transformed themselves and changed the course of their life.

Life is difficult

Sometimes it’s painful

Life is annoying sometimes

Sometimes it’s hard

Life is funny attimes

Sometimes it’s blissful

Life is a alot of things

But it sure is Beautiful

Lets not forget everything in life is only for a short span… Be it Good, Bad or Ugly

Hence, take a moment to be grateful for everything in life

Let’s start working on ourselves and transform ourselves to a 2.0 version. So, let’s get started :

Remember, Transformation happens in 3 folds; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Mental Transformation

This is the kind of transformation where in you rewire ori engineer the way you think, perceive and react. For example : a famous American actor Keanu Reeves transformed his life after his personal tragedies. He is now known largely due to his offscreen generosity, genuine love for humanity, charitable giving habits, and quiet, humble demeanor.

We need to transform the way we perceive towards little moment that happens with us. Life is never easy, we never get a manual to cope up with life events. Sometimes those events are life changing, overwhelming and we need to you changed the way we perceive and react towards those events. This mental transformation would not happen overnight. You need to spend time with yourself. Analyse yourself and then make a list of things you need to change and transform.

Physical Transformation

Physical Transformation doesn’t mean you need you need to look better. It means that you need to start working on your health. Eat healthy, Exercise, Keep yourself hydrated and Sleep for Atleast 7 hours. If you do all these things trust me, you will feel better, your mood swings, acid refluxes, headaches and stamina will improve. The fact is when you feel better, you look better.

Spiritual transformation

Spirituality is connected to large questions about life and identity, such as: 1 Am I a good person? 2 What is the meaning of my suffering? 3 What is my connection to the world around me? 4 Do things happen for a reason? 5 How can I live my life in the best way possible? Your connect to your innermost thoughts and try to give your life a purpose.

Only you can work on yourself. Don’t make an excuse of “this is the way I am”. We all have area’s of improvement. No one is perfect. So, take out time for yourself, work on yourself, let yourself grow and be a better version of yourself; A 2.0 Version.

Life is never easy but it’s worth fighting for.


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