Try Transformation Challange This Year

It’s happening again!

Hello you delicious human!!

Happy (almost) New Year!!!

What an amusing, crazy, bizarre year 2021 is/was.

I don’t know about you, but I am EXCITED to see the back end of 2021, though I was hoping by the end of 2021 this will get back on track but I guess now this is the new “NORMAL”

In saying that, I am SUPER HAPPY to STEP into 2022 on the right foot.

A lot of you asked, and I decided to deliver.

So I’m here to let you know that the HEALTH Challenge is coming back!

This time, new and improved, and EVEN better than before!

Transformation Challenge V2.0 is for you if:

  • You’re ready to kickstart 2022 on the right foot
  • You want to commit to yourself and build healthy habits
  • You’re sick of diet culture pushing you to solely focus on weight loss
  • 2021 has been a wild year and you want to commit to change in 2022
  • You’ve stopped looking after yourself and you’re feeling like you’re in a rut / slump
  • You have gained weight since Pandemic and now need guidance to become “Disease Immune” and healthy.
  • You know looking after yourself will make you feel better but you lack the motivation and dedication.
  • You need some accountability and support to regain some healthy habits
  • You want to be surrounded by a really inspiring community of like-minded women

If you’re keen to kick off 2022 with 30 days of self commitment, then you can register to get started RIGHT HERE

Weight loss

We’re going to get started on the 15th January!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 30 days for you to COMMIT TO YOURSELF and start the year on the Right DIET.
  • CUSTOMISED DIET PLAN fit for your Lifestyle.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY to kickstart 2022 building positive, healthy habits that support your best self.
  • Membership Platform with 4 ACTION BASED TRAININGS in our membership platform to help you get motivated, begin healthy habits, understand yourself better, gain mental health and gain confidence
  • RESOURCES to support your goals, healthy tips, learn how to understand yourself better and build a positive relationship with yourself
  • DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY to the habits YOU choose to focus on for the 30 days
  • Online Yoga And Meditation online class on weekdays.
  • ASSISTANCE for your selection of habits that will serve YOU best and GUIDANCE on how best to implement your choice of habit
  • ASSISTANCE for healthier food swap to healp in building HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.
  • DAILY SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION from me and a community committing to themselves
  • GUIDED WORKBOOK to help you stay on track full of mindfulness exercises
  • WEEKLY PROGRESS REPORT so you can visually see your progress
  • PRIVATE Whats App COMMUNITY of like-minded people who are working on themselves
  • A bloody good time!

You get all of that for only $58.

Let’s kick off 2022 committing to the most important person in your life…. YOU!

You can sign up ➡️ HERE or fill this health evaluation form and I will get back to you.

Can’t wait to see you inside for V2.0.

Let’s GOOOOOO!!!

Happy New Year!

The best commitment you can make is to yourself. Make sure you start the year how you want to end the year

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