Power Of Positive Visualization – Ever Imagined Your Dream Life

I was talking to my client the other day, lets call him Bob. I asked Bob what do you want for your future, “He instantly replied I want Good thing for my future.” I asked him think again and answer. This time his answer was “He desires to have a great life for him and his family.” I told him to be specific and make a list everything you want for yourself. We all want good things, but what are those good things!!!!

I was amazed how we fear to even have profound dreams. 9 out of 10 people fear of dreaming, they fear of visualizing great things happening to them, they fear Happiness. My question is why?

Why have you not imagined your dream life? 

Let’s do it now. Let’s take a moment to visualise your future. Now close your eyes and visualise your dream life. A life where everything you want is there. Imagine the kind of Car, House, Life partner, Job or Business you desire is there in your dream life. Imagine you are excelling in your life. Visualize you are living your dream life. Did this bring a smile to your face ?

How does it feel ? Great right!!!

Now why do you fear to put this DREAM on a piece of paper and put it into action. Please don’t say you don’t have resources, cause if you don’t know side hustle is a real thing.

Are you afraid of the hardwork it might require you to do? OR Are you afraid of failure?

Cause if you are trying something thing you have never done failing a few times is natural. For instance, when an infant is trying to learn how to walk for the first time they take baby steps. They fall, gets hurt, however they don’t stop trying.

If you really want to achieve something in life you need to start working towards it. Put it on piece of paper. Make an ACTION PLAN and EXECUTE it. To reach a new destination in life you need to take a new road. You need to shead you fear away. You need to take risks.

It’s never easy to achieve a DREAM or GOAL. If it would have been easy, I am sure everyone would be living their dreams. But they’re not because not everyone wants to leave their comfort zone and take a less traveled road. Not everyone wants to achieve GREATNESS. Not everyone wants to be remembered for their accomplishments after death.

If you want to live your dream life, if you are not okay living an ordinary life, if you don’t fear failures and if you okay living out side your comfort zone. You Will Achieve Your Dreams Life

Trust me, if you overcome your fears and work towards your goals every day you will achieve it. But first you need to visualize your dream, live your dream in your mind.


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