Ways to lose weight and improve health through ayurveda

Ayurveda is India’s ancient medical science which not only consists of remedies for curing the ailments but also lays strong focus on how a person should spend his day to day life for his overall well being.

Although being healthy should always be our priority but due to our evolving lifestyle it has become the need of the hour. Achieving a healthy body is the goal for almost every youth today. Unfortunately they don’t understand the difference between a healthy body and being thin. Hence, it is important to understand ones body first and before embarking on the journey towards optimum health.

Ancient Indian yogis who used to experience great health and vitality through out their life span used to eat little differently from us. Their body had strength to allow them to sit for meditation for long hours. They used to eat their food in meditative state totally focused on their meals. They would avoid interactions while eating and some would even prefer eating alone totally connected with their food. They used to pray to god for the meal and offer some for the divine which was later consumed by other creatures like birds. The food was consumed sitting in Sukhasan pose and spine was kept erect facilitating the movement of food to They would never over eat and will finish before they felt completely full. Their food consumption was limited to only two to three times in the day.

Ayurveda defines obesity or excess weight as the state in which the skin from chest to buttock area is either loose or hanging in the body. This article talks about the various mistakes which a person regularly makes in his eating habits which lead to excess weight and poor health in the body. Correcting these eating mistakes will help attain vitality and avoid obesity and accumulation of unnecessary fat.

Ways to lose weight


Don’t ignore your food , so that food doesn’t ignore you. When you are consuming the meal, focus on the food and eat consciously and being totally present with the food. This is called mindful eating. It is apparent that same food even if very healthy when consumed by different people benefits them differently. Eating mindfully prepares your body to better process and accept the food for its functioning and rejuvenation. It leads to proper saliva generation and chewing of the food in the mouth. Moreover, you enjoy the meal and your mood gets elevated. A big part of digestion process takes place in the mouth when food is mixed with saliva while it is being chewed. Such properly broken down food by mouth is readily digested and absorbed by the body.

2. Avoid Eating/Snacking when not Hungry

Always stay aware and tuned to your body. Your body is a complicated machinery totally capable to give clear signal when it needs food. When you are not hungry simply means body doesn’t need food right now. Filling on snacks in between your meals even when you are not hungry leads to poor digestion and excess weight gain. This can also lead to creation of excess cough in the body thereby causing cough related disorders. If you start observing the pattern of your body, you will notice you feel hungry everyday almost the same time.

3. Eat when hungry

Treat food like fuel for your body. When you are hungry, your body indicates you, to re-fuel it so that the food could be processed and put it to best possible use instead of accumulating as fat in out body. Ayurveda advocates consuming meal when good hunger has surfaced. When you avoid or delay eating while you are hungry, your body compensates by slowing down the metabolism and releases the hormones to reduce metabolic rate for coping up. Hence with reduced hunger, when we eat meal the body has already slowed down its processing and the reduced metabolism leads to the weight gain. Always remember, to eat when you are hungry.

Ways to lose weight

4. Eat your meal to satisfaction

Ayurveda advises to eat your meal properly and until satisfaction. Eating too little or less than ones requirement would slow down the metabolism of the body. As a result, the meal will not be able to cater to the nutritional requirements of the body. It also causes the hunger to resurface even when you are not ready with your next meal, which may lead to munching on unhealthy or packaged snacks. Therefore, it is important to eat until satisfied when consuming the meals.

5. Avoid overeating

This all of us know but still we tend to do it quite often. If we like something we overeat. But only with awareness , we can develop habit of consuming the amount which satiates the mind and belly. Understanding that eating more than the body’s requirement or the hunger causes weight gain because now body doesn’t know what to do with the excess food. Similarly, eating again and again and munching in between the meals when hunger has not developed after the previous meal is not advisable. Eating mindfully and with awareness of body’s signals to fullness and satiation will help avoid overeating.

6. Do not vary meal timings

Even bigger culprit is varying the meal timings regularly. Eating breakfast at 8.30 am one day and 9.30 or 10 am the other day. Our body loves routine. More routine you put it into, more health and strength you are awarded with. Frequently changing the time of eating meals, confuses your internal system. It even lowers down your immunity. If you start syncing up with your body, you will notice you feel hungry exactly at the same time every day. Better to stick to that time and do not let other work take priority.

Ways to lose weight

7. Eat dinner early

Ayurveda believes our stomach’s digestion capacity through out the day varies itself with the movement of sun in the sky. When sun is shinning at its peak in the afternoon, its time to consume biggest and most important meal of the day which is lunch. Similarly, one should avoid consuming late night dinner. It is recommended to eat dinner by the sunset but if it is not possible for you, at least consume it 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. It gives enough time to the body to properly digest the food. Eating just before sleeping, consumes body’s resources in the digestion process. It interferes with the night’s sleep due to sugar release. Moreover, during sleep body performs detoxification and rejuvenation which gets affected by digestion process. Eating early dinner lets body perform its important tasks uninterrupted.


Ways to lose weight
Right eating habits as per Ayurveda

Ayurveda suggests to eat only when hungry, don’t ever over eat, eat fresh, and local food.

These eating habits are natural and have been practiced since ages across cultures. But in modern scenario’s busy life has disrupted these healthy practices. You might eat breakfast even when you are not hungry, or due to late office hours you eat just before you sleep. The more you understanding your body’s requirement for food, the more health will improve.


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