A weight-loss program for life

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Which one would you choose when you eatout ?

Burger and Chocolate shake looks yummy. When ever we go out the first thing that comes to our mind is great food. I am not against eat out, even I go out and eat. However when ever you go out to eat you should ask yourself following question. How often you go out to eat, what else did you eat that entire day and how do you intend to burn these calories. This meal above has approx. 600-700 kcal. The point is, if this is a once in a month kind of Day Out then go right ahead and enjoy this meal. If not should think of some better healthy version that fits your Lifestyle.

Lets look at a few healthy version of some popular food items today and it will give you an idea what to opt for. Eat clean and stay healthy forever.

Paratha(Indian Bread): Paratha are heathy provided you don’t add the access butter/ ghee/ oil. Make then in moderate or no oil and rather apply little ghee on the top of it when served. Ghee gets counted under saturated fat and is also great for digestion.

Sandwiches: Throw your white bread away, its unhealthy for your gut. Before you switch on brown bread, make sure it is truly healthy, read labels. At lot of time they still use 20-30% of processed wheat flour(Maida). Make a healthy sandwich with multigrain bread(avoid mayonnaise) with vegetables like onions, cucumbers, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce or get creative add paneer (Cottage cheese) .

Dairy products: Also known as animal and dairy fat. Fat present in dairy products are easily absorbed and promotes good health in comparison to the animal fat. Also is a good source of protein.

Maggie(Instant noodles): There is nothing healthy about Maggie. Its made of processed wheat flour(Maida). It is “The fried noodles” with added preservatives in the spices. Worst thing we can do to our gut is to feed them instant noodles. Rather eat home cooked meals like Poha or Upma.

Fritters: You must avoid have fried food, its the worse kind of fat. Instead of frying try baking them or do a pan fry.

You’ve been eating them all your life without a thought but you may have to pay for it later. It’s time to clean your diet right now and opt for the healthier options.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard M. Maruch


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