10 ways to do weight management in winter

We all gain weight in winter. Our body tends to pile fat deposits in winters more and body craves of fat and oil food in winters more. In fact, body builders find winter the best time for going weight. Have you ever thought of the reason why!!

According to research, our body is more prone to deposit fat in winter due to less physical activity and less body heat in comparison. In winter, we all sleep more than usual, and our physical activities is also way lesser. This results in the winter belly or weight gain in winters.

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Let’s understand top 7 ways to prevent that weight gain from happening.

  • Cut down on sugar: We all go a little overboard with sugar in winters. Let’s not take winter as an excuse to satisfy our sugar cravings. We all drink hot beverages more in winters, try and take those less sugar. All those sugar rush you get in winters keep that in control.
  • Eat right kind of fat: You should incorporate fat in your diet in winters. Your body requires more fat in winters since the wind around is drier and dries are natural body oil. You must include fat like walnuts, almonds, nuts, paneer, flax seeds, ghee (clarified butter) milk and other milk products.
  • Vitamin B: We need vitamin b as it helps our body metabolize carbohydrates. It is also great for our digestion and nerve function. It’s found in whole grains, nuts, fish, cheese, eggs and fresh fruits and vegetables. Its recommended to take a supplement of vitamin B to fulfil the daily intake of it.
  • Jaggery: It is the answer to your sugar craving. Swap sugar with jaggery in winters. It gives our body enough calorie to keep the body warm. It dilates blood which improves our blood circulation. Remember, as kids in winter we used jaggery after meal. There is a reason to eat jaggery after your meals to stimulate digestive system.
  • Sesame seed: Sesame seed (Til) is nutritious and rich source of vitamin E. Its recommended to consume it in winters since it keeps our body warm and has enough fat content for our bones. They are also rich in antioxidants and is great for hair and skin.
  • Seasonal food: Eat locally and seasonally available food, its full of nutrition required. Grains like bajra (pearl millet) is great source of magnesium that keeps our heart healthy. It also helps in dilating blood which in return regulates our blood flow in body. It keeps our body warm as well. Do add this in your meals in winters
  • Garlic: Garlic also lots of medicinal properties. It helps in blood pressure. lower cholesterol levels and helps in strengthens our immune system. Garlic has properties to fight cold and flu. It’s a great source of manganese and B6 vitamin.

Quick Tips

  1. Do not use cold as an excuse to not do your daily exercise. Do some stretch and some at home workouts. Try jogging at home by jogging at the same place. It’s called sports jog.
  2. If you crave of drinking a hot beverage instead increasing your coffee or tea intake drink some homemade soups made with seasonal vegetables.
  3. Eat every two hours, it also helps in maintain body heat.
  4. Do not eat stale food. Do not use cold as an excuse to preparing loads of food and eat it for days. Prepare freshly cooked meal.
  5. Keep a can of dry fruits at bed side, use them as a snack. It has enough heat and fat to keep your bones and skin healthy.
  6. Do not spend long time in hot water shower. Its dries your natural body oil.
  7. Do wash your hands regularly in winters as well. I know its winters and the water is freezing cold still washing hands makes sure to wash away all the germs.

So, lets enjoy this winter the healthy way. I personally love winter. The air is different in winters, it has a soft romantic feel in it. It’s a beautiful weather and we only get few months to enjoy it.  Happy winters 😊 folks.

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