Last year I meet this lovely lady in my office, she wanted to lose weight. She came to me for consultation. However, during the conversation she had some strange terms and conditions applied with WEIGHT LOSS. Her terms and conditions were as follows:

  1. She said she doesn’t have the required time that it takes and wanted quick results.
  2. She doesn’t want any lose skin or strech marks as they are ugly.
  3. She was happy with her legs and only wanted weight loss at stomach and arms.
  4. She was happy with workout plan but was not ready to Diet as it was a life long commitment.
  5. Lastly, she wanted abs like a famous Actress.

She was not the only one to have such strange conditions. In my experience I have never meet anyone who is happy with their Weight. Even worse is I have noticed people want to lose weight but don’t want the scars of victory ; i.e Stretch marks, Change in Lifestyle, Life-long commitment to Health, Diet change and the list goes on.

I have lost more than 120 LBS and I know that this victory over my body comes with scars. I call them my victory proof.

Stretch marks, Sagging skin and a Life-long commitment to Health

Always remember, wars are not won without a fight or scars. Similarly the victory over obesity comes with the following :-

SAGGING SKIN : Losing a lot of weight may lead to loose/sagging skin. Depending on your genes, age and how much weight you lose you may get lose skin. Make sure you include strength training to build muscle which can help to a certain extent. Your skin will recover somewhat but in extreme Weight Loss sagging skin is obvious.

MAINTAINING WEIGHT LOSS – Losing weight is challenging however keeping it off is not easy as well. A friend of mine always regains her lost weight cause she goes back to the same lifestyle. So Don’t get stuck in this vicious cycle. You need to change your LIFE STYLE completely to make sure to don’t gain your lost weight back.

STRETCH MARKS – Many people worry about stretch marks after weight loss—especially if they lose a substantial amount of weight. It fades away with time but not completely. Stretch marks occur in both males and females.

BUILDING MUSCLES : It’s difficult for females to build muscles due to absence of testosterone. So setting unrealistic goals will not help. Don’t compare your fitness goals with celebrities they will never tell you the truth behind their chiseled abs or muscles.

By Tejaswini Pandit

So let’s set realistic GOALS and trust me weight loss is achievable.

“You didn’t gain all your weight in one day; you won’t lose it in one day. Be patient with yourself.”

– Jenna Wolfe


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