What’s the best diet to follow?

“What’s the best diet to follow?”

As you emerge as a health, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast, or someone who wants to improve your health, you going to want to know: Which dietary “camp” do you belong to?

The best coaches maintain a neutral position on this. If you can, strive to be a nutritional agnostic: Someone who doesn’t subscribe to any one dietary philosophy.


Answer: There is no “best diet.”

All dietary protocols have their pros and cons. What works best for one person won’t work best for another.

Also: A diet that has worked best for someone in the past won’t necessarily be what works best for them moving forward.

Rather, you must find the approach to eating that works best for you right now, whether it be Paleo or vegan, high-carb or low-carb, tight budget or unlimited funds — or some blend of all of these.

The truth is, the human body is amazingly adaptable to a vast array of diets, so the best diet is the one that:

Matches the person’s unique physiology,
includes foods they enjoy enough to follow consistently, and is realistic for them in terms of life logistics and budget.

Indeed, you can become lean, strong, and healthy on a plant-based or a meat-based diet. You can help improve your health with organic, free-range foods and with conventional foods. You can lose weight on a low food budget or an unlimited one.

It just takes a time, consistency, discipline, dedication towards your better health and a system using the best practices across all diets that works for you.


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