WHY meditate ?

I always believed that meditation was not my cup of tea. I wasn’t ready to get in a peaceful state of mind. I thought I have to first demolish of bad habits and will have to become a lot better human to start meditation. In other words, I thought I had time.

The thought of being with my innermost thoughts and feelings seemed difficult to handle. However when I started, I realised I was overanalyzing things.

Just like me, Most first-time meditators find it strange and difficult to sit in silence, to sit with their innermost thoughts and feelings, to sit and do nothing are the things that, funnily enough, the mind tends to resist.

To a beginner, meditation might initially feel a little alien, perhaps even daunting, but that’s okay. Take baby steps, start with 5 mins a day for a week and gradually increase the time.

Reasons why should we meditate :-

1.Our mind is a wanderer. Sometimes it’s restless, angry, impatient and confused. Meditation is a practice which helps us get Calm, patient, sometimes its helps us find ourselves and our purpose in life.

2. Prolonged , unbroken concentration leads to the state of meditation. Concentration makes the mind one pointed and steady.

3. Meditation helps in releasing stress, tension and brings clarity in mind. It also helps develops our personality.

How should I start meditation ?

The process of meditating is simple and easy: simply sit and practice. All you have to do is close your eyes, stay focused on your breathing, and let your mind do its thing. This is the one skill where you don’t have to strive to achieve something — just a place of stillness where no effort is required.

Breathing is also an important part of dhyan, It is the basis of life, energy etc. Various types of breathing techniques like anulom-vilom, kapaal-bhati, sheetli etc are used by practitioners to detoxify the body and to absorb oxygen/pranshakti in body.

Box Breathing : This can be a lot simpler than it sounds for some people. Click ➡️ Read more about Box Breathing

Posture is very important part in any Meditation or dhyan. When a person sits in any specific posture for long time then automatically a special subtle energies starts flowing which purify the mind and body and also helps to activate the every part of mind and body. This can be felt by practicing it.

To conclude :-

Meditation is not a promise to solve your problems. Life doesn’t come with a user’s guide. Life, with all its challenges and uncertainty, will still happen. It makes you equiped to deal with life better. Meditation can change you how you choose to react to the circumstances and happenings around you. Meditation gives us stealth to embrace life the way it is.

In different types of meditation some special ways of visualizing something is also done which gives different types of results.

So it is always good to perform meditation regularly without any break. So give sometime for dhyan daily in the morning and evening wherever you are and feel the changes yourself.

“Meditation will not carry you to another world, but it will reveal the most profound and awesome dimensions of the world in which you already live. Calmly contemplating these dimensions and bringing them into the service of compassion and kindness is the right way to make rapid gains in meditation as well as in life.”

– Zen Master Hsing Yun


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