World filled with HUMANITY not Perfection

The Human BEHIND ME expects just humanity not perfect world.

The Human Behind Me laughs with many, happy with herself and is aware about her imperfections.

The Human Behind Me say’s she doesn’t care but she does yet she shows she doesn’t and appears cold hearted.

The Human Behind Me handles everything like an adult, might get angry over tiny things.

The Human Behind Me stays silent and adjusts, she knows nothing wrong will ever happen with her.

The Human Behind Me shares her wisdom with the world and she is also work in progress. She knows it’s impossible to be perfect.

The Human Behind Me, locks her feelings within covers it up with an attitude to kill, saying everything’s all right. The reality-she locks her pain.

Who knows!

She’s is healed from within! She is only human and expects a world filled with HUMANITY!!

The Human BEHIND ME expects just humanity not A perfect world “.


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