*YOUR* type of JUSTICE

An Army Commander was being interviewed by a Paul journalist on the Haifa beach in Israel.

Paul asked the commando, “When you take action against the terrorists a few civilians are also killed. This is not natural justice.”

The commando told him, “I shall prove it to you that it is *your type* of justice.”

Paul asked him, “How can you say it is our type justice ?”

The commando took him for a walk on the beach and cunningly made him stand on an ant mound.

Two three ants bit the Paul. With anger he killed as many ants as he could see as the bite area was burning.

The commando was smiling.

Paul asked him, “Why are you smiling ?”

Commando asked him, “Which ants bit you ?”

Paul said, “How can I say which ant ? There are so many of them and
all ants look the same.”

The Commando said, “Why did you kill so many ants ? Did they all bite you ?”

Paul, “No.”

Commando, “Then where is your natural justice ? You should have killed only those ants which bit you.”

Paul was speechless.

Commando, “Now you understand what is our problem. We accept there is some amount of collateral damage. We don’t want to kill innocent civilians but it is inevitable. Next time before reporting such gory stories you should consider this ant episode.”

Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole of humanity.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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